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Step into the thrilling musical world of AutoMatic 80s, where the sensational hits of the unforgettable 80s era come alive. From iconic bands like Human League, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Blondie, Culture Club, to the mesmerizing sounds of artists like Kate Bush and Robert Palmer, AutoMatic 80s performances will whisk you back to those exhilarating, youthful times and leave you craving more.

AutoMatic 80s comprises exceptional musicians, led by the electrifying vocals and dynamic stage presence of frontman Justin Maclaren. Supported by the remarkable Pearl Runga (sister to Boh & Bic) on vocals, accomplished drummer Glen Child, skilled lead guitarist Ryan Wood, and the talented bassist and longtime collaborator Simon Finnel, this group delivers a world-class experience.

Dedicated to providing audiences with the ultimate Eighties concert immersion, the band and production crew ensure top-notch sound quality, stunning lighting effects, and an electrifying atmosphere that captures the essence of the era!

AutoMatic 80s has been on the NZ touring circuit for the last 13 years, playing sold-out shows throughout NZ. You will see them not only playing their own shows but also on the bill for some of NZ's iconic summer festivals. From rocking the crowd at the Taupo Summer Concert to smashing out some 80s classics at Selwyn Sounds Live at Lincoln, this year sees them return for the 4th time.

Experience the nostalgia and thrill of the 80s with AutoMatic 80s – a journey back to the golden era of music. Join us for an electrifying performance that captures the essence of those iconic times. Don't miss out on reliving the magic of the 80s live on stage! Book your tickets now and let AutoMatic 80s transport you to a time of unforgettable hits and endless excitement.

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